I was born in a small city in Colombia, but with all the amenities that any girl could dream, I was always surrounded by luxuries and glamor, all in excess can be bad or boring, as for me it was the second, So I decided to give up everything and leave to Bogotá to seek I don’t know what, and I finished finding myself to myself in the least expected way, It is not a secret for anyone that my country is a dangerous place to live and I lived it on my own skin, In my first months in the capital I was kidnapped and contrary to what anyone would think... enjoy it, In that situation I met the guy who would arouse one of the most sexually pleasurable sensations of my life, after overcoming the panic that accompanies a moment like this, I discovered that my captor was a beginner in kidnappings, but an expert improviser in all kinds of textures when it comes to wrapping an adult girl, the feeling of that material similar to latex running and completely covering my legs, my arms, awakened in my interior a feeling of desire and lust that was expressed in moisture that I had never experienced... I would like to tell you more, but this is not the space to do it, so I invite you to subscribe in my VIP zone, I have many things to tell you, Add me to your favorites girls, visit my show in streaming and gives a lot of ‘’love’’ to my gallery

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FloraSunny love when to spy, I'm voyeuristic by nature, fuck in heels

FloraSunny dont like : The bad smells